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Cal-Nat Course Payment Information

Creating a CalNat course is a commitment to the UC System, our lodging facilities, and amazing instructors.  We must cover those costs.


  • A 20% non-refundable registration fee is required to sign up for the class -- $368.00

  • 50% balance is due at 90 days -- $552.00 

  • Balance is due 60 days before the course -- $920.00 

  • The course requires a minimum of 10 paid students.  If we don’t have 10 students by 30 days prior, the course will be cancelled, and you will receive all your money back.  We do not cancel for weather.  If the facility we stay at cancels for weather, you will receive all your money back or have it forwarded to the next course.


We know things come up.  If you must cancel, let us know as soon as possible.  If you cancel between thirty (30) and sixty (60) days of arrival date you will be required to pay a cancellation fee equal to 50%.  If you cancel within thirty (30) days of arrival date, you will be pay a cancellation fee equal to 100%.  Since this is a financial commitment for you, you may consider trip insurance.





Any UC California Naturalist alumni from any program are welcomed to come to Camp Ocean Pines for a little unofficial get together.  Call the friends in your cohort and have a reunion with the people you learned to love over the week!  Rub elbows with naturalist from other cohorts.  You can also attend any of the lectures or self-drive field trips since a new CalNat course will be in progress.  Check the schedule to see where you'd like to join in!  You will be provided room in a cabin shared with other naturalists.  Bring your own bedding and bath towel.   You are welcome to stay in a tent for the same price, but no outdoor cooking allowed. The camp will provide delicious meals.  Note: NO dinner offered at camp on Thursday evening as everyone is on their own at the famous San Luis Obispo Farmer's Market. Sound fun to you?   Looking forward to seeing you on the coast in August.  Choose one of the 3 price packages below.  If you want to stay longer, email me personally and we'll arrange it. Write in the notes which nights and meals you will be taking. 

2 nights, 5 meals = $275

3 nights, 8 meals = $385

4 nights 11 meals = $495

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